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On 11/11/2021 16:08, Terence O'Hanlon Smith via wrote:
A query if I may.

I don't know if this is a problem suffered by anyone else, but my two
instances of the GOES ABI manager, with their headers as high as I can
get them, show on screen only to the bottom of the lowest set of four
image boxes. The captions for these boxes are off the bottom of the
screen along with the Start/Stop buttons, "LEDs", the CLOSE button, and
the processing status line (as I see them on your page for the
programme). I cannot scroll down the window. Very odd. Changing the
screen resolution makes no difference.
I have files in the \Eumetcast\received\HVS-1\ directory trees for the
various channels, but cannot process them. Each of the logs says the
programmes have started on opening, but I presume no processing will
occur until the start button is clicked.
I have little doubt that there is a simple explanation and solution,
but these presently escape me.
Kind regards,
I've not seen that effect, but a screen-shot, please. Has anyone else seen
that? I might suggest the SatSignal group....

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