Re: HVS-1 data

Ernst Lobsiger

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 09:09 AM, Terence O'Hanlon Smith wrote:
t looks as though I may need a larger dish, as it was professionally adjusted and checked only a few short weeks ago, with a brand new Inverto LNB. I also then connected my Rx laptop and TBS 5927 directly to the dish with a short testing cable, and the reception levels and snr were the same as when indoors on the main cable link. I could perhaps try another LNB before going the whole hog.

assuming that you still live on Mersea Islands and have not moved to Orkney,
also assuming that you are not talking about a 45 - 60cm caravan TV dish,
I still think your antenna is misaligned! If you check SNR on David's site:

There is an 88cm dish near Cardiff with SNR=12.4dB (average)
There is an 85cm  dish near Liverpool with SNR=12.4dB (average)
I have had an 80cm dish with SNR around 13dB here in Switzerland.

Until you get this sorted you should set a MODCOD filter for 8psk 3/5
only. This should dramatically improve your Basic Service reception.


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