Re: HVS-1 data

Terence O'Hanlon Smith

           thank you for your reply.

 Using BDAdataEx the Modcod box is set to 'All', so I assumed it covers everything in the same way as it does PIDs.
 The two TC ini files are each as downloaded with the latest Tellicast software, the Basic file working satisfactorily, so I again assumed the HSV-1 ini file would do so too. The "Do not remove" path lines at the bottom of each file are identical.

The Snr, sadly, is 8.2

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On 09/11/2021 14:14, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:

this looks like you have no useful input to your HVS-1 client. These are the points I would check:
- Is the SNR high enough for HVS-1 (16apsk 2/3 needs 12dB +)
- Is there a MODCOD setting for BASIC service only (8psk 3/5)
- is your cast-client-hvs-1.ini O.K. with your credentials and pointing to the same interface as *bas.ini

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