HVS-1 data

Terence O'Hanlon Smith

Good day all,
                     perhaps someone far better informed than I would be kind enough to put me on the straight and narrow.

 Having recently replaced my dead SR1 with a TBS 5927 after some months lay off, and regained my basic data, I took the bull by the horns in an attempt to also regain the GOES data that I had long missed.
 I downloaded the new tellicast clients and updated all David's related programmes, plus the GOES ABI Manager, read a plethora of Eumetsat and Satsignal fora related messages, and by about 03:00 this morning I had managed to bring up two instances of Tellicast for Basic and HVS-1 respectively.

 Yes, I have requested the new data via the portal, and Debbie has advised it should now be active.

 Basic is operating well, and the HVS-1 instance has correctly opened a new child, but the log halts at "Extracted all files from the Aladdin E-token".
The TSL-HVS-1  announcement channel is active, but stuck at 'connecting', and there is no data flow. The only difference I can see between the two TC instances, apart from the lack of data flow, is that the HVS-1 'Statistics' show that the server address is "not yet received".
 If anyone can advise me of what I have doubtless missed I would be incredibly grateful.
             Thanks in anticipation,
                                  with best wishes to all,

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