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Hello Ferdinand,

Good to hear from you.

Thanks for the useful and informative information.

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Hi John,
This is not you but intended behaviour of Goes-17 due to a cooling issue on that satellite.
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Subject: [MSG-1] GEOS 17 anomaly?
Hello All,
I'm not sure if this has been discussed before - probably - but there appears to be an anomaly with (some?) GOES 17 WV channels?
Or it might be 'me?'
I don't take all GOES E and W channels on ABI Manager but GeoSatSignal requires channel B08 WV for false colour processing.
GOES 17's B08 channel is corrupted for a long time owing to possible sunlight intrusion into the sensor?
This does not happen with GOES 16.
Yes we know geostationary satellites have a problem when the sun is at the Earth's edge with light spill into the imager - but GOES 17 B08 and B10 appear to effected for many hours when the the Sun is rising and 'crossing from the east.'
This doesn't happen when the Sun is 'in the west.'
And it doesn't happen to GOES 16 B08 and B10.
The effect has cleared by the 16:30 UTC cycle.
Image 1 shows GOES 17 not effected with Sun W and GOES 16 with Sun E (not effected).
Image 2 GOES 17 at 13:00.
Image 3 GOES 17 still effected at 15:30
John Tellick.

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