Re: TC error messages.


David and Ernst,

Thanks for both your comments.


>This appears to have been an error at EUMETSAT, as it's been seen here and at
>Arne's too.  Nothing to worry about.


And Ernst:

>if your tmp and received are on the same partition rename is the normal process of "moving" >a fully received tmp file to the received/channel folder. This is actually done by (fast) hard >links which means no data has to be moved at all. This has all been described im my >documentation for MVMSG.cmd (see my latest reply for Alan). The documentation is still in >the MSG-1 file secton in the MVMSG.cmd DISTRO 022 though it's rather technical and >certainly not everybody's business.

>IIRC we had this message a few times and it was a transmission problem on the uplink side >>(not sure). On GNU/Linux you get this message for every file if tmp and received is on >different file systems (partitions) and nothing works!!

Everything else was working OK - so it was interesting to hear some also saw this message at the same time.



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On 15/10/2021 09:34, geojohnt via wrote:

> All,
> I had an overnight error message the other day which I don't think I've seen
> before.
> Lvl:Date Time (UTC) :Message
> ERR:2021-10-14 00:54:13.085:Cannot rename file
> "\EUMETCast\tmp\bas\61677f41031979db.tmp" to
> "\EUMETCast\received\bas\default\Z_SATE_C_BABJ_2021101400000pO_FY2H_PRE_024_NOM.AWX.gz"
> (Invalid argument)
> "Cannot rename file" - not that I look much at the error messages, just clear them.
> But do some files need to be 'renamed?'
> If so, why?
> Regards,
> John Tellick.

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