Re: TC error messages.

Ernst Lobsiger

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 01:34 AM, <geojohnt@...> wrote:
But do some files need to be 'renamed?'
If so, why?

if your tmp and received are on the same partition rename is the normal process of "moving" a fully received tmp file to the received/channel folder. This is actually done by (fast) hard links which means no data has to be moved at all. This has all been described im my documentation for MVMSG.cmd (see my latest reply for Alan). The documentation is still in the MSG-1 file secton in the MVMSG.cmd DISTRO 022 though it's rather technical and certainly not everybody's business.

IIRC we had this message a few times and it was a transmission problem on the uplink side (not sure). On GNU/Linux you get this message for every file if tmp and received is on different file systems (partitions) and nothing works!!


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