Re: mpe



I use MPE data in MSG Animator using the same software versions quoted by you and have no problems once
it is set up correctly.

As David states, the MSG data Manager does decompress the S-HSAF-H03B * .grb.gz files automatically if
the "Unzip SAF files" box is checked in the MSG Data Manager SAF setup.

Do you have "Dates in folders" checked  in the MSG Data Manager Setup because the state of this will
determine where the decompressed files are stored. Make sure that the "Dates in Folders" checkbox in the MSG Animator
setup matches that of the MSG Data Manager. I run without "Dates in folders" checked and MSG Data Manager stores the files
in <Drive Letter>:\MSG-1\Images\SAF

MSG Animator is looking for files called S-HSAF-h03B * .grb. If you decompress manually, the resultant files are called h03B * .grb
and must be renamed before MSG Animator can find them. I run without automatic decompression and have to rename the files as
part of my decompression process using 7-zip.

Also, in the MSG Animator setup, the Updates drop-down menu should be set to 5 mins. If it is left at the default value of (none), the
animation will not update automatically. Even then, I sometimes need to click the Update button on the main MSG Animator window to 
kick-start the automatic update process. Note that there is  a delay of up to 5 minutes after reception of a new file before the animation
is updated.


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