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On 25/09/2021 19:52, Terence O'Hanlon Smith via wrote:
Good evening all,
having replaced my suspect SR1 Rx with a
USB TBS-5927, I have carefully followed the Eumetsat setup guide for
that receiver, and with all settings exactly as on page 12, I have
obtained a signal strength of 75-80%, but at zero quality. I am
reasonably sure all the associated Modcom and PID settings are correct,
but obviously have no lock.
Has anyone any idea or experience of this, and of what may be amiss?
(I believe I have the dish correctly pointed, but cannot be absolutely

Thanks in anticipation,

In case it helps, I have screenshots here:

and some background here:

The most common problem with the SR1 is bad power supply (Chinese), and
replacements are available from e.g. Amazon. Perhaps you've already been down
that route!

Most common reception issue is dish pointing.

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