EUMETSAT Data Policy / Did I miss something ?

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All,

on this rainy day I read the latest version of the "EUMETSAT Data Policy" (PDF) found here:

I remembered that Meteosat Seviri "Hourly Data" as well as Metop AVHRR data have been
"Essential" and thus free for any purpose (including data redistribution) for quite a while.

What I never had payed attention to are all the text paragraphs that are talking about
"NON-Essential Data"  with a "Latency" of more than 3 hours. If I understand the text
and "Latency" definition right I can publish a 15' or 25' RSS composite image I processed
from Seviri data that is at least 3 hours old (no original data may be published though).

I also checked EOP and put my findings in the "EUMETSAT Data Licensing.txt" file attached.

I finally found on the EUMETSAT site this page that clearly seems to confirm my findings:

It means in short that I can publish any RSS video (e.g. processed with PyTROLL/Satpy)
provided it ends with a last frame that is at least 3 hours old. Am I just dreaming!??!
I can't remember that this understanding of the Data Policy has ever been discussed here.

- Can anyone confirm that my interpretation of the rules for > 3 hours old TC data is correct?
- Has anyone asked OPS about "NON-Essential Data" with latency of more than 3 hours before?

Best regards,

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