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As David has said there isn't a definitive answer.
It all depends on your computer specification and whether you use a one computer receiving/display computer, and how many 'receive'/display programmes you are running and how much data you are receiving and processing.

I use a 1 m dish, Inverto Black Ultra quad LNB (the other ports go to satellite TV receivers) and an SR1 receiver and a single computer for 'reception' and processing.

My TP 1 SNR goes from ~ 14.2 to ~13.7 dB over a 24 hour clear sky period.

The computer has an Intel core i5 4690KCPU @ 3.5 GHz.
16 GB RAM.
1.81 TB HDD - used for EUMETCast only.
111 GB SSD used for Windows and 'other' programme storage.

Windows 10 Home 64 bit.
And an NVidea GeForce GTX 7500 Ti graphics card (not really necessary for EUMETCast).

I have a RAMdisk of 997 MB from a 'previous system' but I do NOT use it.

I run 3 X MDM, 2 X GOES ABI, Himawari Manager, 2 X Metop Manager, 1 X Animation Manager, 1 X AVHRR Manager and SR! Controller.

I get yellow and red TC icons every now and again (especially if I'm watering pot plants in front of the dish) - but the data doesn't stop - look at the graphs and you will see data flowing even when the TC icons are 'coloured.'
Well, if the SR1 Controller is Locked and showing Traffic flow.

These are just warnings and you have been informed to just click on reset to clear them.
I'm a bit lazy and sometimes just leave the TC icons 'coloured' till I can be bothered to open up TC and clear the warnings.

I run 24/7 and get quite a lot of Missed Packets before FEC and not that many FEC Recovered Packets over a period of time - but I seldom see any problems with the images.

I have software running that automatically defrags my HDD every now and again.
I DO NOT KNOW if this is really necessary for EUMETCast - so perhaps others could answer this.

When I get a bit of time over winter I'll experiment with using my old RAMDisk - but as things seem to run OK at the moment and have done for ages - I'll probably leave things as they are.

"If it ain't broke - don't try to fix it!!!"


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On 17/09/2021 22:29, Vincenzo Mone wrote:
> David,
> please apologize if I make a dummy question.
> How I said in previous messages it was a long time that I was off.
> I remember we was on EuroBird 9.
> I remember that in that time I have used the Ramdisk.
> My Dummy question is do we still need to use the ramdisk or not?
> Thanks
> 73 de Enzo IK8OZV


I don't know the answer!  There isn't one.

- On one system I receive HVS-1 (alone) sending to a separate 1 TB DATA disk,
no losses. PC Kiruna.

- On two other PCs I have a RAM disk for the TMP file alone, both receive and
process.  PCs Alta and Stamsund.

- On another system (HVS-1 and HVS-2) I have a RAMdisk for TMP (HVS-1) and TMP
& receive (HVS-2).  PC Lund

- On two other systems I have RAM disk for TMP and \received files, BAS alone.
  One is receive-only, the other receive and process.  PCs Penguin and Harstad.

So generally I suggest a RAMdisk, especially if the PC is doing more than just
receiving EUMETCast.  The ideas have grown and changed over the years.

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