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On 17/09/2021 22:29, Vincenzo Mone wrote:
please apologize if I make a dummy question.
How I said in previous messages it was a long time that I was off.
I remember we was on EuroBird 9.
I remember that in that time I have used the Ramdisk.
My Dummy question is do we still need to use the ramdisk or not?
73 de Enzo IK8OZV

I don't know the answer! There isn't one.

- On one system I receive HVS-1 (alone) sending to a separate 1 TB DATA disk, no losses. PC Kiruna.

- On two other PCs I have a RAM disk for the TMP file alone, both receive and process. PCs Alta and Stamsund.

- On another system (HVS-1 and HVS-2) I have a RAMdisk for TMP (HVS-1) and TMP & receive (HVS-2). PC Lund

- On two other systems I have RAM disk for TMP and \received files, BAS alone. One is receive-only, the other receive and process. PCs Penguin and Harstad.

So generally I suggest a RAMdisk, especially if the PC is doing more than just receiving EUMETCast. The ideas have grown and changed over the years.

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