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Vincenzo Mone

please apologize if I make a dummy question.
How I said in previous messages it was a long time that I was off.
I remember we was on EuroBird 9.
I remember that in that time I have used the Ramdisk.
My Dummy question is do we still need to use the ramdisk or not?

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On 17/09/2021 13:48, Cornish Man via wrote:
I have the same problem

Would like to see if anyone have any ideas as well
If you need to reset TelliCast manually - to continue data gathering -
something is very wrong. If you mean that you need to go into the HTML
Shell to reset a yellow or red indication that is completely normal.

As to what is causing the issue, we found a long time ago that an excess of
CPU, network, or disk activity could upset the operation of TelliCast, and that
using a RAMdisk for either the temp or the temp and received files could
ameliorate the problem to a great extent.

This has all been written up in the GEO Quarterly and on my Web site, and
the temp & received solution has been extensively discussed here.

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