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On 16/09/2021 07:31, Vincenzo Mone wrote:
Hello David,
I have edited the cfg files like:
Options[_]: bits
Please Is it correct??
73 de Enzo IK8OZV

It's not a question of "correct" or not - it's simply what options you consider appropriate for the data you are plotting. The Options would be different if you were plotting memory usage or CPU temperature. You can have an "options" setting for each set of data you plot. So, for example, if you are plotting the network I/O for an SR1 you might have a section:

# SR1 - "Traffic LAN" output

MaxBytes[SR1-Traffic]: 150000000
Options[SR1-Traffic]: bits, unknaszero, growright, noo
Title[SR1-Traffic]: Ayecka SR1 Traffic LAN
PageTop[SR1-Traffic]: <H1>Ayecka SR1 - Traffic LAN (Edinburgh)</H1>
<TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Ayecka SR1 Traffic LAN</TD></TR>
<TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD><TD>1 Gbit/s</TD></TR>


Note that the "Target" line has split in the example above, and you would need your own SR1 IP address. Note also the blank line after "PageTop" entries. Here the "Options" are:

Options[SR1-Traffic]: bits, unknaszero, growright, noo

Look in the reference manual about these options.

I hope the guide will answer any other questions you will have, together with all the examples I have provided on my Web site.

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