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This is very useful .



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as Thorsten pointed out you probably mispointed your antenna to a wrong bird. This is from TD15   a document you have been given a link to several times before.

<cite> Transponder table
The following transponder table helps to identify the satellites and to optimise the reception. This table was valid at the time of writing this document. See for latest status and configuration on active transponders 10°E H 11262 MHz 33.0 MSymbol/s 8PSK 3/5, 16APSK 2/3 (EUMETCast) 13°E H 11258 MHz 27.5 MSymbol/s 8PSK 3/4 (HB13) 13°E V 11278 MHz 27.5 MSymbol/s 8PSK 3/4 (HB13) 19°E H 11273 MHz 22.0 MSymbol/s 8PSK 2/3 (Astra)


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