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On 08/09/2021 14:30, R. Alblas wrote:
xrit2pic supports overlays using a 'picture' (as delivered by Eumetsat)
and vectorized overlay files from the Global Self-consistent,
Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography Database.
I have to check if Eumetsat has overlay files for GOES17; and then check
if that works with xrit2pic; maybe an update is needed.
The Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography
Database gives coast overlays world wide, but that needs location info
from the satellite file. Which works with with data in HRIT/LRIT format,
like MSG and GOES12. Not sure if that works with GOES17; I think you use
hdf files?

Good to hear from you.

I had some minor offsets when using GSHHS and the theoretical values for standard HRIT/LRIT format data.

I spent some time with e-mail exchanges with NOAA until this was resolved. I can't recall the exact details now - let me check....yes, there were some unusual features in sat-to-earth (and likely earth-to-sat) which I had to code separately. I never did get an explanation why using the standard WMO equations wasn't good enough....

I'm using the images as sent over EUMETCast and the match is now excellent.

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