Re: High SNR on TP1

Ferdinand Valk



I have recently relocated to the southwest of the country exactly during the period of the signal increase you mentioned. My current average fair weather SNR of 16.5 dB is about 1.5 dB higher than it used to be at my old place and it is difficult to say how much of that increase is attributable to a better spot within the footprint, how much to finetuning the new antenna setup and how much to upping Transponder power at the satellite. In short, the interpretation of the graph you attached of my SNR is not straightforward and may lead to wrong conclusions.






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Sent: Wednesday, 08 September, 2021 08:11
Subject: [MSG-1] High SNR on TP1


Hi All

While I read frequent complaints about low SNR nobody seems to wonder about high SNR. Since August 10th 2021 I have SNR above 15dB on a regular basis on TP1. I cannot remember such a period and I don't think there was a gust that gave my dish a lucky punch.


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