Re: Mode codes for EUmetsat

Ernst Lobsiger

On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 06:10 AM, Cornish Man wrote:
But I contacted EUmetsat when I was having problems with the 11263 transponder (turned out I had to restart my PC a couple of times since I wasn't getting 600 & 601 PID's)
And they told me to select all the Mode codes.

the only setting that makes sense is 8PSK3/5 for MODCOD of the Basic Service *only* (if you have a marginal SNR and HVS-1 causes a lot of missed packets for Basic too).
In all other cases take all MODCODES. If you have a TBS card taking MODCOD 16APSK2/3 will not work on transponder T1 at all. HVS-1 must *always* be received together
with the Basic Service (even if you do not setup a Tellicast Client for the Basic Service). This is a problem of DMA buffers in the TBS card PCIe bridge. The SR1 has no such
problems. For HVS-2 on T2 EUMETSAT has installed a minimum kind of fake traffic that does the same as Basic on T1: Keeps DMA buffers busy to avoid Tellicast timeouts.

The whole story goes all back to the start of T2 when SR1 users had no problems with receiving HVS-2 while TBS card users had timeouts and could not receive HVS-2.

Hope this helps

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