Pytroll/Satpy and Environment Variable


Hello to the Group.
I recently installed Pytroll/Satpy on Windows 10 following the instructions given in SatPy_HOWTO_V30.txt kindly provided in this
forum. The Satpy version is 0.29. Everything appears to be working with one exception - the Python scripts do not appear to be 
responding the environment variable PPP_CONFIG_DIR=C:/EMCtools/pppconfig and cannot find the areas.yaml file at this location.
To begin, running a script produces the warning 'PPP_CONFIG_DIR' is deprecated. Please use 'SATPY_CONFIG_PATH' instead. I replaced
'PPP_CONFIG_DIR' with 'SATPY_CONFIG_PATH' but it had no effect. Although I am not a programmer by any means, I decided to dig deeper to 
see if I could identify the problem.
I consulted the Configuration section of the Satpy documentation but found this extremely difficult to understand. However it did suggest
the use of two runtime methods called satpy.config.get and satpy.config.set which I decided to try. First, I used
satpy.config.get('config_path') on its own and it returned a result of ['C', '/EMCtools/pppconfig'] which looked odd. I then used 
satpy.config.set(config_path='C:/EMCtools/pppconfig') followed by satpy.config.get('config_path') which then returned the result
'C:/EMCtools/pppconfig'. The latter 'set' sequence also allowed the script to correctly locate the areas.yaml file in the pppconfig directory.
Have I missed something obvious in setting the environment variable?

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