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Philip Robinson

Thanks for that. I will bear that in mind if i start getting problems with my setup. But as its working perfectly at the moment receiving all the data, i will use the famed words." If it ain,t broke dont fix it"

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On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 03:36 AM, Philip Robinson wrote:
I have the tbs6903 and sr1 on windows10 ,and i can receive BAS and HVS-1 on the SR1 and HVS-2 on the tbs card.

an even better setup in your case would be to receive a "rain proof" BAS only (setting a MODCOD filter) with your SR1
and HVS-1 + HVS-2 over a single cable to the TBS-6903. This takes some configuration too but may be well worth it.



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