Back in the game ...

Jonathan Williams

Hi all,


Well, after more than 5 years in the DVB-S2 wilderness, I have taken the decision to attempt to resurrect my MSG setup.

I say attempt, it had better work as I have ploughed a substantial amount of money into it, probably far more than I needed!


Whilst checking and adjusting the alignment of my Triax TD88 dish on 10E at the weekend, I was not able to lock onto the EUMETCAST transponders. 11345 however was good. I then realised this was probably because my trusty SM-3500 meter was not DVB-S2 capable? Despite the strong lock on 11345 confirming I was on 10E, I took the decision to order a Gibertini OP125 1.2m dish anyway and whilst they are still available in the UK. I also have my eye on a new finder meter!


From discussions here I had already decided I was going the PCIe card route and so have purchased the TBS 6903, arriving today.

I want a standalone receive and process PC for the card so a (not so) new Dell PC arrived yesterday that should be more than capable of handling its task.

It will however need a separate large storage SSD so that’s being ordered today. I intend to receive HV1 in addition to the Basic Service.


Then there’s the software so I spent a considerable amount of time going back over my emails with David to work out what I had ‘back in the day’ and then seeing where versions are up to now. I’ll be contacting you shortly David if that’s ok!


Thankfully, my two EKUs have always been close to hand (can’t remember why I ordered a second). I take it these will still work?


Anyway, wish me luck – but I may be back for some wise words from all of you DVB-S2 veterans!




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