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On 18/08/2021 19:49, Vincenzo Mone wrote:
Thanks David,
Just to have a confirm.
Can you please tell me in which port of the SR1 has to be the network cable? If not mistaken should be the Traffic port.
And the end of the cable that comes from the SR1 has to be plugged into a network card or in the router?
I have actually the router plugged in the main board network plug and have added a new network card for the SR1 but I have a doubt that the SR1 has to be plugged into the added network card or it has to go into the router.
Please can you clear my mind?
Thanks in advance.
About the IP address of my house network you do you mean?
If you mean the network where the router is plugged it is:
If you mean the added  network card I have set as:
73's de Enzo IK8OZV

I am confused, you are telling me different things from before.

If you want to use both BAS and HVS-1 you need a separate network card plugged into your PC, and connect that to the Traffic port on the SR1. Use the configuration shown in section of the EUMETSAT Guide.

Use the main network card on your PC connected to the router, and connect the Management port on the SR1 to your router as well. The router I call the "House network".

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