Re: not connecting to HVS-2 announcement channel

Philip Robinson

Thx for the reply I have just 1 set of BDADataEx
What i am really finding puzzling is why tellicast will not acknowledge the announcement address that i have set in the cast-client_hvs-2.ini , and keeps wanting to use and then of course will not connect to the announcement channel.

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On 14/08/2021 12:37, Philip Robinson wrote:
I have sorted all problems apart from this one, i have rephrased it in this new topic
When connecting to HVS-2 i have the error message *cannot connect to announcement channel

*I have the correct address for the announcement channel in the cast-client_hvs-2.ini, I cannot understand that when i connect to HVS-2 it will not use this announcement address.
*Has anyone had this problem. i am sorry to be such a pest with this one, but i am really out of ideas.

Philip, not sure if you are running 2 sets of BDADataEx and it is a while since I did that but remember if you are you must have 2 different IP addresses for each one. For example for one and for the other.
Apologies if I have missed that you are already doing that.


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