Re: Info for dish alignment due to bad weather

Hello Mario,

There was a period of 'instability' a few weeks ago but this has been rectified by the EUMETCast uplink provider.
The reason for the problem appears to be unknown.
I've seen very brief instances of the problem since though.

However, my signal is quite steady these days near where it should be. 



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Subject: [MSG-1] Info for dish alignment due to bad weather

Hello everyone, I need some information:
due to the bad weather of the last few days in Italy in my area, the dish has lost alignment with MSG.
I have read on some posts that currently the MSG signal is quite unstable if not missing.
Since days ago I tried to realign the system without great success, can you confirm the instability of the signal?

so I would avoid spending days on the roof looking for a signal ... which is not there. thanks to anyone who can give me news

ciao a tutti

Iz1kbp , Mario

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