Re: Loss of Eumetcast signal via SR1 rx

Terence O'Hanlon Smith

Thank you all,
yes I had tried the Telnet option from PuTTY, which came up with an error message "Network Error; connection refused"; and, having searched the oracle, the BIOS, (but the latter seems to offer no serial port enablement/disablement); along with several suggested means of reacquiring the "Ports" link in Device Manager - each to no avail. I am obviously loathe to use the reinstallation of Windows method, as I am not sure I would be able to manage installing a complete new Eumetcast setup with all the programme installations it would necessitate. I am developing a headache as it is!

The machine is a Lenoveo Y510P laptop with, as I mentioned, Win 7 Ult OS. It has run my Eumetcast system for several years without problem. It is deliberately not connected to the internet and is therefore never updated. 'Leave well alone' has always been my motto. But sadly, such are electronics, that even that does not always work!

I have just tried the opening of Telnet via your (David) and John's suggestions of Enstein entry of the IP address, and am at least into the SR1 configuration window, so thanks again on that score!


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On 30/07/2021 22:57, Terence O'Hanlon Smith via wrote:
Thank you both Ernst and David,
when using PuTTY to check the SR1 configuration as suggested, I was presented with an "unable to access serial port" error message. I am still using Win 7 Ultimate, and the Device Manager fails to bring up the "Ports" option, even viewing the hidden items. I have spent much of the afternoon attempting to recover the com ports details without success. They appear to have vanished entirely. I shall have a break over the weekend and try again next week!
Your assistance has been much appreciated.
Best regards,

You can always [try to] access the device with Telnet on its management port - e.g. with PuTTY. You just need to find its IP address. This doesn't need the serial port. You may also have the Java-based SR1 console installed. It still works here on a new PC installing Java and then the console.

I've not heard of "Missing COM ports" before. Doubtless you've tried some of the answers here:

The BIOS one sounded most hopeful to me as you've already tried hidden devices. It doesn't mention Scan for new hardware, though.

Good luck!

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