Re: Loss of Eumetcast signal via SR1 rx


Terrence and David,

David, you may recall I had problems with accessing PuTTY some time ago - which had worked for many years.
Apparently the same problem as Terrence(?).
Something like 'can't connect or find COM 3.'
Though the setup windows to use this 'management route' were accessible and 'tick-able.'

You suggested clicking the 'Einstein' - top right of the SR1 controller - which brings up the SR1 Controller Settings Window allowing you to click Telnet under 'Options.'

This brings up the Telnet window - which in my case - is blank - but closing it, then clicking (Options) Telnet again, re-opens the Telnet window with
Username: telnet

Typing in telnet after Password: - and pressing Enter, then opens all the numbered management numbered options.



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On 30/07/2021 22:57, Terence O'Hanlon Smith via wrote:
> Thank you both Ernst and David,
>                                                           when using PuTTY to
> check the SR1 configuration as suggested, I was presented with an "unable to
> access serial port" error message. I am still using Win 7 Ultimate, and the
> Device Manager fails to bring up the "Ports" option, even viewing the hidden
> items. I have spent much of the afternoon attempting to recover the com ports
> details without success. They appear to have vanished entirely. I shall have a
> break over the weekend and try again next week!
>     Your assistance has been much appreciated.
>           Best regards,
>                                   Terence


You can always [try to] access the device with Telnet on its management port -
e.g. with PuTTY.  You just need to find its IP address.  This doesn't need the
serial port.  You may also have the Java-based SR1 console installed.  It still
works here on a new PC installing Java and then the console.

I've not heard of "Missing COM ports" before.  Doubtless you've tried some of
the answers here:

The BIOS one sounded most hopeful to me as you've already tried hidden devices.
  It doesn't mention Scan for new hardware, though.

Good luck!

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