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On 30/07/2021 22:57, Terence O'Hanlon Smith via wrote:
Thank you both Ernst and David,
                                                         when using PuTTY to check the SR1 configuration as suggested, I was presented with an "unable to access serial port" error message. I am still using Win 7 Ultimate, and the Device Manager fails to bring up the "Ports" option, even viewing the hidden items. I have spent much of the afternoon attempting to recover the com ports details without success. They appear to have vanished entirely. I shall have a break over the weekend and try again next week!
   Your assistance has been much appreciated.
         Best regards,

You can always [try to] access the device with Telnet on its management port - e.g. with PuTTY. You just need to find its IP address. This doesn't need the serial port. You may also have the Java-based SR1 console installed. It still works here on a new PC installing Java and then the console.

I've not heard of "Missing COM ports" before. Doubtless you've tried some of the answers here:

The BIOS one sounded most hopeful to me as you've already tried hidden devices. It doesn't mention Scan for new hardware, though.

Good luck!

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