Re: Urgent Maintenance on EUMETCast Europe

Cornish Man



HVS1 & 2 is down for me now





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Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Urgent Maintenance on EUMETCast Europe




Thanks for the notification.


And thanks to Ian and Douglas for their SNR reports.


I emailed Ops at lunchtime with my several days of readings as reported on this group recently.

They informed me of tomorrows transponders re-calibration.

Fingers crossed????


I would love to see 13.8 dB SNR regularly on TP 1 again (:-)).





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Subject: [MSG-1] Urgent Maintenance on EUMETCast Europe

Urgent Maintenance on EUMETCast Europe. There is a risk of interruption to the

following services during the maintenance period: Basic (Transponder 1), HVS-1

(High Volume Service on Transponder 1) and HVS-2 (Transponder 2).


Start Time:    2021/07/13 09:00

End Time:    2021/07/13 12:00 => announcement 7139.


From their Twitter feed - you are following, aren't you?






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