Re: TP 1 - what is going on?!


Hello again,

Well, I'm back up to 13.7 gosh 13.8 dB SNR at 10:21 UTC.
Still -24 dBm.



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Ian and All,

I happened to look at my TP 1 SNR at 09:04 UTC this morning and it was steady at 13.7 dB and stayed that way for around 20 minutes.
Now at 09:25 it is back to the new norm of 13.3 dB steady.

Also my Power reading has been down a bit over the last few days from the last 2 week or more norm of -23 dBm steady to -24 dBm flipping back to my long term norm of -25 dBm every now and again.

[1 m dish, Inverto Black Ultra quad LNB, SR1]

Weather here is sunny and clear skies.


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