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Hello again,

I should have asked if any other users are (also) seeing an increased Power level reading?



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Ian and All,

I alerted Ops on Tuesday to my - and other users reduced SNR and an instigation was underway as to the cause.
So it looks like EUMETSAT are/were, aware of this.

I've noticed a problem for about 2 weeks(?).
My SNR is down around 1+ dB but my Power reading is up by 2 dBm - sometimes it's 3 dBm up at -22 dbM almost off the SR1 Power dial.

I had a quick update from Ops today who say:

No route cause has been found so far. Investigation are ongoing, including possible interference.

So we live in hope?



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Subject: [MSG-1] TP-1 Signal

I am seeing a further deterioration in the TP-1 signal ( not monitoring
TP-2 ) and yesterday evening it was down to about 11.3 SNR when I would
be expecting 12.9/13.1. and the conditions were clear.

This morning a slight recovery from last night's lows but the signal is
still lower than yesterday.

It seems to be taking rather long to sort out and I am hoping this is
not the new normal --- fingers crossed.


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