Re: Problem reception Eumecast- message in log files in Shell

Heiko Schellhorn

Hi Kubus

I reinstalled today Eumetcast and the etoken software- but something went wrong.
In the log file of System Client 2.14.6 I get the following error messages:
"could not join channel A1C- GEO-1 missing key- 63468" - the same for 2, 3, etc- a wrong setting in Eumetcast?
Can have multiple reasons.....

* is your token recognized properly

* is your license active ?
--> what does line host_key_4 in the "License" section of you Tellicast-webpage look like ?

* did you possibly miss to setup the [recipient] section in your cast_client_XYZ.ini
--> user_name and user_key

Some more informations would be helpful.

Best regards


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