Re: tellicast on linux

Ernst Lobsiger

On Sun, Jun 6, 2021 at 10:15 AM, Youssef Bennouna wrote:
the TBS does not lock on the EUMETCAST frequency (green light), maybe that's the reason why I don't get many files.

have you copied the relevant TBS firmware to /lib/firmware? No idea what special file the TBS-5927 USB box needs.
At the console as root (or with sudo) check "# dmesg | grep frontend" This should finally show the box in warm state.

No lock no files no fun. At the console (or if this is a graphic setup in a terminal) check that szap-s2 is running:

As root (or with sudo) enter "# ps fax | grep szap-s2"

Then check with "# femon" whether it says to be locked
Then "# dvbtraffic" must show you the PIDs comming in
Then check this "# /etc/init.d/dvb-eumetcast status"
Then check that the EKU software is working (host_key4: ****_****_****_****) in the WEB interface.

You can redirect the output of the commands to a file and post it here or send it as a PM for me only.
There might be an Ubuntu firewall problem as well (in Devuan/Debian the firewall is unconfigured).


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