Re: tellicast on linux

Ernst Lobsiger

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 04:32 PM, Youssef Bennouna wrote:
But, is it a good thing to run the client as root ?
Thanks Ernst

Good question. root is the default. This makes it also easier to use ram-disks. You can change that in /etc/tellicast-client.cfg to a non root user.

It's certainly not a very good thing to have the data in /root. I use a dedicated (CMR recording!) data disk mounted -noatime -nodiratime on /srv
The whole data handling is done by root. A user eumetcast does process the raw data that he sees readonly. Exports with NFS are read only.

If you want to export the data read/write with SAMBA for processing under Windows with David's programs you *must* use a non root user.

Congratulation for getting it running! If you want bas + hvs-1 you change that in /etc/dvb-eumetcast.cfg ("E1") + /etc/tellicast-client.cfg
("bas,hvs-1"). For an optimum bas-only system you can set MODCOD filters in /etc/dvb-eumetcast.cfg ("E1BW" instead of "E1B").

Good luck

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