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On 01/06/2021 10:16, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:
the 64MB cache of your WD purple HDD points to CMR. Here is a list (for what it is worth) that shows your disk as CMR: <>
The problem is about 1 year old when different manufacturers began selling SMR disks as NAS drives without disclosing
it. This lead to a point where major NAS manufacturers banned WD Red drives completely. That's why WD rebranded
their WD Red models with CMR as WD Red PRO. Finally most HDD manufacturers had to declare in data sheets
or press releases what is what. The problem will get more severe in the future as EUMETCast keeps sending more
and more data. Already now you cannot buy a 3.5'' HDD with a capacity above 1TB without checking for CMR. And
you have to forget more or less all 2.5'' HDD drives (Christian Peters has been lucky with his 2.5'' WD Red 1TB).
Thanks, Ernst, that's most helpful. As the SMR data density is higher than CMR I can understand why 2.5" drives adopt it. "Video" or "surveillance" might be the first keyword to use when looking for a disk, and then check the recording method.

With multiple transponders in use I would be minded to suggest one HD per transponder, or possibly one HD per service. When TP3 and TP4 are in use I think it will be a second or second and third PC to cope!

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