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On 30/05/2021 12:51, diogenes1 via wrote:
Hello all and particularly David. My LNB is an Inverto with an input, I think, of 10.7-11.7GHz giving an output of 0.950 - 1.950GHz. If the beacon is transmitting on 10.95GHz why is its output frequency 1.2GHz and not a lower frequency? I can only guess that the relationship between the output and input frequencies is not linear but follows some peculiar curve - just a guess.
Regards, Peter

The LO is 9750 Mhz, so the IF is 10950 - 9750 => 1.3 GHz. The LO is on the low side.

Also, taking your values:
if 10700 in gives 950 MHz out
then 10950 (i.e. 10700 + 250) gives 1200 MHz (i.e.950 +250)

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