Re: tellicast on linux

Ernst Lobsiger

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 01:56 PM, Youssef Bennouna wrote:
Dear all,
I have installed tellicast and other software programs on a windows10 computer, everything is fine thanks to Ernst and David . Now I want to do the same on a Linux (CentOS) machine.
 I installed tellicast and the drivers of my TBS5927 following the guidance I found but then how to lock on the right frequency of Eumetcast? Is there something similar to TBS IPTools or BDADATEX for linux ? Any help will be appreciated.

if you are new to GNU/Linux expect a huge learning curve. This project will not fly within the next days.

If you are quite experienced you should use the latest dvb-eumetcast*_916 setup script that sends all PIDs
to interface dvbond0 (all distributed twice per day in BASIC Info-Channel-1). What you basically need is:

- TBS Open source drivers (you will have to compile those)  --> TBS git repo
   If your BOX does not come up in "dmesg" you have to install TBS-firmware files
- dvb-apps  (dvbnet, dvbtraffic, femon, szap, ...)  --> DISTRO
- dvb-eumetcast (this will also install CrazyCat's szap-s2)   --> EUMETSAT
- tellicast-client   --> EUMETSAT
- pcscd     (for EKU)  --> DISTRO
- SACSrv  (for EKU)  --> EUMETSAT

dvb-eumetcast will tune your USB-Box and setup the whole path down to dvbond0
dvbtraffic will show you the PIDs that come in ... The client attaches to IF dvbond0.

There is no such thing as graphics TBS- IP-Tool or CrazyCat's BDADataEx :-)


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