TELLICAST 2.14.7 on Centos 7.9: 2 NIC conflicts



I am using Tellicast 2.14.7 on Centos 7.9. My server have 2 NICs (ntwrok internal card): 1 to DVB-S2 Ayecka receiver, 1 to my external subnet.
When I'm starting up both NICs - only one of them works (external subnet).
1 NIC is with static network configuration (for DVB SAT data), 1 with dhcp (external).
If I turn down external subnet NIC, then Tellicast client start running and downloads all data I defined in Tellicast channels. If I turn on external NIC, then Tellicast clients stops working and trying to start client. But external works.

Pls give me some advice, that I am doing wrong. Default gateways are also predefined in /etc/network/ifcnfg_*** interfaces.

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