Re: Re help with Eitelsat 10

Ernst Lobsiger

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 08:57 PM, brian foster wrote:
Hello all. New to Eumetcast. Can anyone tell me what transponder is the best to find eutelsat 10 please. I tried to find ot but all i found was everyone but the one i need . I do have a satfinder meter with spec analyser but not sure if i am on the best transponder. Lots of conflicting frequencies on the net. I have a 1.2 m dish with universal lnb.Thanks

if this is for EUMETCast why you don't directly look for what we usually call T1 (Basic Service + HVS-1) 11263 H (Transponder C4 on Eutelsat 10A)?
You can also take some transponder close to C4. EUMETSAT has an "Antenna pointing guide" online. FlySat and DishPointer sites are helpful as well:

Hope this helps,

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