Re: AppImage EUMETCastView v1.5.2 for Linux

Markus Kempf

It runs perfectly with a nice 3D globe and 60 paintGL calls/s in 4K on a Ubuntu 20.04 with the AMD Pro amdgpu drivers on a AMD Ryzen Pro 4560G System with 16GB RAM.

Am 18. Mai 2021, 21:01 +0200 schrieb Markus Kempf <gmke@...>:


unfortunately that is true. In my quick test I did not check the 3D globe display and only focused on the sizing and resizing of the windows. The 3D globe does not show, in fact I got coredumps a few times (MobaXterm 21.1 PE).

I did another test with Hyper-V and Ubuntu 20.04 and initial resolution of 1014x768. Thats not big enough for EMCV to so something useful. I resized to 1920x1080. This worked, but the 3D globe is a black screen with 26 paintGL calls/s. The native Windows version has 60 paintGL calls/s for a 4K display and 260 paintGL calls/s on FullHD.

So the 3D display does not work in the virtualized environment with the local server and not with the remote MobaXterm Xserver.

Will test natively in a few minutes after the reboot...


Am 18.05.2021 um 17:17 schrieb Ernst Lobsiger via
On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 07:45 AM, Hugo wrote:
By installing a WSL2 Ubuntu GUI isn't it possible to just run an AppImage in the virtual machine instead of running an Xserver (MobaXterm)?

apparently we did different things. You started EUMETCastView within the virtual machine that has its graphics system up and running.
I ran MobaXterm on my Windows 10 PRO64 to start EUMETCastView via ssh on a Debian 10 Buster CLI only PC (needs fuse to work).
MobaXterm provided the X-Server and this one is not capable of understanding all OpenGL stuff that Hugo built into EUMETCastView.


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