Request for advice: dish wobbling in the wind, alignment & signal quality

Peter Novak

Dear group,
we have installed a 120cm satellite dish on a roof of an office building
at a relatively exposed location near the sea coast in the Netherlands.
Things work quite fine, in good weather conditions our signal strength
is at -25/-26dBm and Es/No at 13.0-13.5dB with solid link margins for
both BAS (~7.4dB), as well as HVS (~3.6dB). We are receiving HVS stream
data. That's all fine and well. However, in more windy conditions the
dish wobbles quite a lot (easily by 2-4cm at the top), which in turn
leads to misalignments, occasional loss of lock and subsequent loss of
received files. As an example, I made a short video of the dish moving
in 6 Bft wind here:

I wonder what solutions other group members are using to mitigate this
problem. I looked at some metal support arms/struts which would affix
the dish sides to the mast better than now, but I don't even know how
are such products called.

I would appreciate any advice, or pointers to improvements of the setup
to mitigate the misalignments in windy conditions we are experiencing.

Thanks a lot for your advice.

Best regards,


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