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Just logged on to my email's and I was about to comment on this first and then saw you post.

Yes, I'm afraid 'someone was obviously listening?'
We should have kept quiet and hoped 'the powers that be' didn't notice they were pushing out too much power.
At one point yesterday I was down to 13.3 dB - from 14.00 dB.

We've had these brief periods of 'increased' SNR before.
But I've never seen it this high since the good old days some years ago before the two (three?) step reductions we've had over time.

I'm looking forward to the parallel running test period of EUMETCast from Hotbird in a weeks time to compare the SNR on TP 1.



Spoke too soon John, as sometime earlier today the increased signal I
had been seeing vanished and signal levels back to where they were.

Unfortunate as I need all the signal I can get up here.


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> John I am seeing an increase in signal since yesterday as well, up about
> 0.3 SNR. When others reported a signal increase recently, I had not seen
> any increase, so this is very welcome and let us hope it remains.
> Although it varies depending the time of day, I am now seeing a signal
> of about 13.3/13.4 SNR with a 1.1 metre dish which is pretty good this
> far north in Angus.
> Regards
> Ian.

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