Re: Tellicast Losses

Ian Deans

On 29/04/2021 23:09, geojohnt via wrote:
Hello again,
Something is 'going on?'
22:00 UTC and my BS/HVS-1 TP 1 SNR is a steady 14.00 dB.
1 m dish, quad Inverto Black Ultra LNB, SR1 RX.
SNR 'should be' around 13.6/7 dB.

John I am seeing an increase in signal since yesterday as well, up about 0.3 SNR. When others reported a signal increase recently, I had not seen any increase, so this is very welcome and let us hope it remains.

Although it varies depending the time of day, I am now seeing a signal of about 13.3/13.4 SNR with a 1.1 metre dish which is pretty good this far north in Angus.


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