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Hello again,

Something is 'going on?'
22:00 UTC and my BS/HVS-1 TP 1 SNR is a steady 14.00 dB.
1 m dish, quad Inverto Black Ultra LNB, SR1 RX.

SNR 'should be' around 13.6/7 dB.


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Hello All,

Just looking around for the first time today - had a long online funeral to attend today.

Just seen both my TC BS and HVS-1 showing yellow.
BS shows 1 failed to open EUMETSAT Data Channel 2 at  12:01:44 today
And 3 failed to open EPS-15 at 12:13:05, 12:17:08 and 12:30:09 today.

I had reset my TC's on 27-04-21 at 14:26 and BS has 26561 Missed Packets before FEC - and strangely for my system - a lot of those recovered 24884.

Today HVS-1 shows 1 'failed to open' E1H-TPG2 at 07:48:49 today.

Again lots of Missed packets before FEC (since the reset a couple of days ago) 133893 - and again many (for my system) recovered 132248.

SNR 10 minutes ago jumped from 13.8 dB to 14.00 dB for a couple of seconds.
Back down to 13.8 dB at 16:41 UTC.

Regards, John Tellick.


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On 29/04/2021 13:10, Graham Woolf wrote:
> Hi
> Is anyone else seeing a lot of missed packets on all three services today ?
> Regards
> Graham

Same here.  You can always check on the page:

Looks like the Meteor-M N2-2 data may be to blame.  I found a couple of
very large files in the TelliCast "tmp" directory tree.

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