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Heiko Schellhorn

Hi David

I suggest reporting that to EUMETSAT (although Ops are on holiday).
I'll do.

The HVS-2 loss:
As yesterday only HVS-1 was mentioned I didn't check HVS-2.

  MSG:2021-04-01 11:46:27.772:Missed parts of file `' id 6065b237001ae87a from channel `E2H-S5P-01'
About S5P I can't report on HVS-2 as I receive the whole S5P-stuff and others via terrestrial EumetCast.

On HVS-2 I receive OLCI, SRAL and SLSTR.

I just checked and only had one single missed/recovered OLCI file back on March 31st.
No losses nor missed yesterday.

Maybe lower sat-signal and I don't see it as I run a 1.8m and one 2.0m dish ?

Have a happy easter

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