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On 01/04/2021 21:03, Heiko Schellhorn wrote:
Doesn't seem to be a general problem with all services on HVS-1.
Receiving EPS-3 and 5 via HVS-1 I neither see missed/recovered nor lost

I suggest reporting that to EUMETSAT (although Ops are on holiday). I take all channels, so I can't report on individual channels. Interesting that both EPS-3 and EPS-5 have a lower bandwidth (12000 kbps) than the highest rate channels (16000 kbps). That may be significant. Data from:

[Why isn't this a EUMETSAT site?]

Here, although there has been an anomalous missed & recovered TelliCast packet loss rate (like when too much data was pushed through) actual lost packets were very low, and possibly just one lost EUMETCast file on HVS-2. No losses on HVS-1 (all channels) or on BAS (the channels I take). The HVS-2 loss:

MSG:2021-04-01 11:46:27.772:Missed parts of file `' id 6065b237001ae87a from channel `E2H-S5P-01'

and this was also reported at Arne van Belle's station.

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