Re: Satellite images for 21st August 2007

Heiko Schellhorn

Hi Bernard

depending which data the student is interrested in it may be worth a try to have a look at NASA earthdata.

I didn't right now have a deeper look which datasets are available but I guess NASA also has MSG data. At least CSR and ASR should be available.



I am not sure about David's programs, but xrit2pic can handle it (after a small update to accept MSG2).
I don't know what exactly will be done with the image; e.g. currently xrit2pic doesn't handle correct calibration of IR images. But it can reproduce jpeg (including false colour).
Tools of Eumetsat can also be used  (of course), i.e., Data Tailor:
These images can be downloaded easily from internet, without need of satellite receiving equipment, after requesting an api key.
For more info see:
On 29-03-2021 10:02, Bernard Burton via wrote:
Hello Rob, That sounds as if it may help, but I am not sure what 'native format' is. Could it be converted to jpeg or gif for example? Or would it have to be read by one of David's programs, like HRPT Reader?  I do have copies of MSG Manager, AVHRR Manager, Geosat Signal and HRPT Reader. Regrads B
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