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Roger Mawhinney <roger@...>

You need to add a Data Service for Eumetsat. You can either install the
Tellique DVB software which will remove the tv4PC viewer and all the
channels or you can add the Data Service manually via Setup4pc and thus
retain your TV channels.

In this latter case run the Technisat setup4pc - Satellite Settings - Data
Provider Name - Add : IP Cast EUMETSAT
Transponder - Add - Transponder: 11096 MHz : H/L
Name: MSG
Proxy IP Address:
Proxy Port Number: 0
Check : Initial Locking Transponder
Unicast MAC Filter: Broadband Receiver
PIP List - Add (check Hexadecimal):
- Uncheck: Autoset Multicast PIDs
Uncheck: Proxy Auto-Authentication

Assuming Technisat server4PC is running, right click and select the IP Cast
EUMETSAT service. You must of course have installed the Tellique tqrecv
software and edited the recv.ini file with your logon name and password.
Good luck


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|Hi all.
|My apologies for the cross posting, however I just found this
|list where most of the MSG activity seems to be rather than
|the RIG-L list where I originally posted. I would really
|appreciate advice on the following:
|I received the dish and SkyStar card earlier on this year, but
|have had a number of problems getting a signal from Hotbird
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