Re: PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0 for GNU/Linux

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All

While we had a script for Electro-L N2 (GOMS2) as geostationary satellite at 76E in the Starter Kit V1.0 there is no such script in the Starter Kit V3.0.
The reason for this is still found on  searching for "Electro" ...
Due to the ongoing relocation of Electro L-N2 to its new position at 14.5W, the Electro-L-N2 service has been suspended as of 21/07/2020 at 09:30 UTC

Now Electro-L N3 (GOMS3) has taken the place of former Electro-L N2 (GOMS2) and EUMETSAT is testing dissemination of the same data we had
before from Electro-L N2. This is 6 channels of full disk 4km at SSP every 30 minutes. The tests started yesterday. Here is some info from EUMETSAT:


The file format is compressed XRIT and the filenames have the following scheme:





The data will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe:


Channel: E1B-TPG-1

Multicast address:

PID: 500

Access to these data will be automatically provided for Member State NMHSs and registered manufacturers. Following a successful trial, it is planned to make them available to the wider User community.

While the data is not yet available to everybody I got hold of some files and adapted a for this offer that should start rather soon.
Users of the Starter Kit V3.0 can certainly make a similar script also having an eye on what we used in Starter Kit V1.0. There
is a possible small fix for the PyTROLL/Satpy 'electrol_hrit' reader that currently only lists N1 and N2. I'll discuss that with the developers.

Here my first results.


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