Re: Pytroll/Satpy MSG3 IR

Christian Peters

Ernst and Daniele, 

keep in mind if you use IR_108 you get "cold black clouds". 

If you want something like this, 

you have to add a custom composite or invert the resulting image with ImageMagick e.g.



Am 21.03.2021 um 21:01 schrieb Ernst Lobsiger via <ernst.lobsiger@...>:


You can add any single channel image (not really a 'composite') using the channel names in the header table.
Use 3 times exactly as named in the table, the abbreviated string can be lowercase or whatever as you decide.
Then as 'composite' use again the channel name. MSG3 is RSS sat, there are no full disk images! Example:

composite = 'IR_108'
# We only decompress what is actually needed, see file seviri.yaml
needed_files = {'overview'         : ['VIS006', 'VIS008', 'IR_108'],
                'natural_color'    : ['VIS006', 'VIS008', 'IR_016'],
                'realistic_colors' : ['VIS006', 'VIS008', 'HRV'],
                'hrv_clouds'       : ['IR_108', 'HRV'],
                'night_fog'        : ['IR_039', 'IR_108', 'IR_120', 'IR_134'],
                'ir108_3d'         : ['IR_108'],
                'IR_108'           : ['IR_108']}
# Some composite names are too long for IM annotation left of pic
abbreviation = {'overview'         : 'overview',
                'natural_color'    : 'natural_color',
                'realistic_colors' : 'realist_color',
                'hrv_clouds'       : 'hrv_clouds',
                'night_fog'        : 'night_fog',
                'ir108_3d'         : 'ir108_3d',
                'IR_108'           : 'ir108'}

Good luck

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