Re: New approach for GNU/Linux TC receivers using DVB-S2 PCIe cards

Markus Kempf


just an example, since kernel 5.7 the tuner chip Montage TS2022 rev4 (M88DS3103) is supported and earlier revisions have been supported since years ( I bought an used Terratec S2 USB box for a few bucks when I got aware of this (for regular DVB TV reception). I believe the original work was done by Hauppauge, but current maintenance is done by volunteers. No witchcraft or big money necessary. Second best option would be a well working slipstream solution automating the update, unfortuantely the present solution falls short of that. I had always great difficulty to compile it for kernels >5.4. Btw TBS sells the "professional" DVB cards at a premium price, they should invest in the product. That they are not doing that is yet another sign that the market segment satellite data broadcast is declining.

No updates is not an option for a connected system! Never updated IoT devices are a big threat for your network security. Take care.



PS: I moved the stuff last year into a VM and stopped updating :-)

Am 15.03.2021 um 14:48 schrieb Ernst Lobsiger via

On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 06:16 AM, Markus Kempf wrote:
the biggest nuisance with the TBS drivers is the simple fact that they are not upstream kernel drivers

to make a Linux device driver upstream is close to mission impossible.
Even if it's OS somebody capable has to be payed for a fulltime job
like that. And the money has to be earned first by companies like TBS.

TelliCast receivers run with the same kernel and no updates for years.
People that ask for the *latest and greatest* must pay a little price.
Compiling the TBS media module tree takes about 5 ridiculous minutes.


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